20 Ways to Promote Your Radio Station (2023)

14. Write Blog Posts

Get found online and build a presence by blogging. Write about topics that you know your listeners will be searching for and link it up with your station. For example, is there a new album out? Write about it and list the best tracks, including the ones you play regularly on your station. Blog on your own website or use platforms like Medium.

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When blogging, depending on your audience, you can afford to be a bit looser with your persona and more honest with your opinions. For many people, your radio show will be where they hear the ‘professional’ you, whereas the blog is where they get to see the more informal, laid-back part of you. Showing a different side of yourself like this, like with Snapchat and similar apps, can give people a glimpse of the more relatable, human side of yourself.

13. Build Marketing Lists

Who you know and how many you know define your station’s potential to grow. Marketing lists are a cornerstone and tool to mass communicate with your listeners. Services like MailChimp and GetResponse help you keep that relationship open.

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To talk to your listeners you first need their details like names and emails. Do this using forms on your website which help build your lists. Before you know it you’ll have thousands of people to contact.

12. Post on Forums

Forums or discussion boards are jam-packed with people, so they’re an ideal place to subtly promote your radio station. Find places that fit your brand, such as Facebook groups, by searching for topics related to your station and simply joining the discussion.

Alternatively, chat with fellow broadcasters to discover how they promote their shows or discuss radio industry news at places like Digital Spy.

Please note, always read the rules before posting. Some groups may frown upon shameless promotion, even going as far as banning you, so try and keep it light and on point.

11. Put Up Posters & Give Out Flyers

Posters and flyers are a form of local promotion that requires a bit of leg work. Put up posters around your town or city in places you think will get the most eyes on them, like bars, clubs, and cafes.

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Do the same with flyers by leaving them in places that will get the most traction, for instance, if your station focuses on health issues, leave flyers at hospitals or doctor’s offices where they are more likely to be noticed.

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10. Use Paid Advertisements

When done right, paid advertisements are a great way to boost your station’s listeners and brand awareness. There’s all sorts of ads you can use:

  • Search Engines: Adwords on places like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are pay per click based on search terms you’re going after, for instance if you focused on “soul music” then it would list your station’s website to the top of the results.
  • Banner Ads: Place a banner for your station on websites related to your shows.
  • Email Ads: Emails sent out to thousands of people can mention your station or show a banner linking out to your website.
  • Radio Shout Outs: Pay to get a mention on radio shows with large followers.
  • Video & Audio Ads: Play ads on services like YouTube and Spotify, targeting individuals that might be interested in your shows.
  • Facebook Ads: Pay extra to Facebook to boost the reach of your posts so they reach people who don’t yet follow you as ‘sponsored posts’.

9. Build Backlinks to Your Website

Link building is an extension of SEO as a way to establish trusted connections with other sites to boost search rankings.

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Embedded links are like the back alleyways of the web, they can be placed anywhere and link back to your site. Try to find related sites to your station to link back to, these can be well established or niche sites.

8. Turn Your Station into an Event

Promote your radio station by hosting competitions, pub quizzes, live gigs, charity fundraisers, anything with a chance for listeners to get involved with your station on a personal level.

Offer prizes at these events to encourage people to come. Prizes can be anything like your station’s branded merchandise (t-shirts, cups, hats), gift vouchers, or a free weekend at a popular hotel.

When hosting competitions, remember the idea is to draw as many people in as you can with your promotion and keep it running over a long period so they stay tuned or coming back for more.

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7. Offer Discounts on Merchandise

Do you sell your own branded merchandise? If not, you should. If so, offer limited time promotions exclusively to your listeners by giving out codes on your shows.

If you haven’t got our own merch yet then try services like Awesome Merchandise or Vistaprint to create cards, flyers, banners, t-shirts, and more.

6. Invite Guests Onto Your Radio Station

Know someone that would like to get involved in your station? Invite them along for a chat! Preferably get those with a large following to boost your audience. If the guest does well then invite them back or try to get them involved with a regular spot on your station.

5. Get Local News Coverage

Global news can often overshadow everything else, so picking the right stage is important to getting heard. You can’t really make waves by being a little fish in a big pond unless you’re paying, so try local news to increase your visibility. Start off by getting in touch with news in your area that could potentially cover your station.

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Offer a unique twist to encourage journalists to write about you. News outlets aren’t going to cover an independent radio station simply for existing, unless it’s a really slow news day. If you can give them a story to draw their attention you could expand your reach to people who may not even interact with online media at all and only read newspapers or watch local news.

4. Develop Listener Communication

Instead of just talking at your audience, build a two way connection. Talk to listeners on your shows and offer them a chance to get involved. Radio evangelists will promote your radio station shows for you by sharing socially online which builds trust for your station’s brand.

(Video) 7 Ways to Make Money on Your Radio Station

Check out our article on 20 ways to be a great radio presenter for more advice on how to develop your bond with your audience.

3. Upload & Repurpose Past Shows

There are times when you aren’t around to present your station; so automate it for when you’re unavailable. Record your shows and upload them, something which is incredibly easy with Radio.co - Here’s how to upload and edit tracks.

Alongside our voice tracking capabilities, Radio.co allows you to record and archive your shows for use after they’ve been broadcast. Increasing the shelf-life of your shows like this increases their value immensely, allowing people to experience them again and again, sharing and promoting them as well.

If you want to learn more about saving and sharing your broadcasts after they’ve aired, check out our article Podcasting for Broadcasters.

2. Produce Good Quality Shows

Striking the right balance between quantity and quality can be tricky, but quality always trumps quantity and keeps listeners coming back for more. Focus on building shows that are jam-packed with awesome music, absorbing discussion with guests and chances to win prizes, all while being tied together in a neat, structured package.

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It’s harder than it sounds on paper, but trust us, it’s worth it!

1. Create Clear Calls to Action

Most listeners are passive; they’ll listen to your station and enjoy your shows, but there’s only a small percentage that will share your stream online or interact with it beyond tuning in. Boost the number of people sharing by providing clear messages as often as you can, about how to share your streams, any upcoming shows or guest spots listeners will be interested in, and competitions they can take part in.


20 Ways to Promote Your Radio Station? ›

20 Ways to Promote Your Radio Station
  1. 10 Ways to Get New Listeners Using Social Media.
  2. Create Clear Calls to Action. ...
  3. Produce Good Quality Shows. ...
  4. Upload & Repurpose Past Shows. ...
  5. Develop Listener Communication. ...
  6. Get Local News Coverage. ...
  7. Invite Guests Onto Your Radio Station. ...
  8. Offer Discounts on Merchandise. ...
Jun 10, 2021

How do you make a successful radio station? ›

What Makes a Radio Station Successful?
  1. Know your audience. Who listens to your station? ...
  2. Retain and grow your audience. Both retaining and growing your audience is important. ...
  3. Make it easy for listeners. ...
  4. Keep content fresh. ...
  5. Stay legal. ...
  6. Focus on quality.
Sep 11, 2020

How can I attract youth to the radio? ›

How To Make Young People Listen To Radio (Longer)
  1. Catch youngsters online & mobile.
  2. Make interviews sound human.
  3. Be heard & seen everywhere.
  4. Use your team mastermind.
  5. Post updates all day.
Jul 7, 2013

What makes a good radio presenter? ›

First, it's good to understand your audience so that you are able to share information and music they will like. Second, always do research about the things you want to talk about on your show. Some would argue that a good radio presenter talks about the things that inspire them and plays the music they like.

How do you introduce a radio show? ›

  1. Say your name and your show name. ...
  2. Introduce yourself and your studio guest. ...
  3. Share a story or experience. ...
  4. Make use of questions. ...
  5. Say Hello to your listeners. ...
  6. Tell them what's coming up. ...
  7. Use an Inspirational quote. ...
  8. Be warm and welcoming.
Jun 18, 2022

How do I advertise for free on radio? ›

Hosting an event can help to inexpensively attract listeners to the radio station. Offer local businesses a chance to broadcast your radio show from their venue, which will in turn serve as free advertising for them, and the word-of-mouth advertising from the shows will benefit the station.

What makes a radio show successful? ›

A show is successful when it's created with the audience in mind. It should be focused on what people want to hear and what an advisor can offer them, with a frequent invitation to pick up the phone and call a number that they should know by heart by the end of the show.

How does radio advertising become successful? ›

Radio is an effective advertising medium because it's 100% audio-based. The advertiser's message can resonate in the consumer's ears with proper voice acting, sound design, and copy. A radio ad is cost-efficient, targeted, easy to track, and extremely effective if done properly.

How can I talk like a radio host? ›

How to Get a Radio Voice in 3 Easy Steps - YouTube

How do you present a radio script? ›

In addition to the script, you can also play with music and sound effects.
  1. Prepare An Outline. The thought of writing a 2000 word audio script may overwhelm you. ...
  2. Setting the Scene. ...
  3. Make It Sound Conversational. ...
  4. Keep Your Scripts Clear. ...
  5. Pay Attention To The Rhythm.
Jun 9, 2020

How do you write a radio talk example? ›

Tips on Writing a Radio Talk
  1. Write, as you would speak. ...
  2. Don't generalize. ...
  3. Provided a bold beginning, it keeps the listeners tuned.
  4. Make a strong impressive ending.
  5. Employ a logical progression of ideas in building up a picture or a story.
  6. Use simple words, ideas and sentences.
May 1, 2012

How do you start a radio show script example? ›

How To Script a Radio Show | 7 Radio Script Tips - YouTube

How can I improve my radio listeners? ›

In this article, we explain today how to promote your radio station in a simple and effective way.
  1. Target the right audience. ...
  2. Use social networks wisely. ...
  3. Create sponsored content. ...
  4. Create a website. ...
  5. Create a newsletter. ...
  6. Be present on forums. ...
  7. Improve your SEO. ...
  8. Register your radio station on an online directory.
Aug 3, 2021

How do you promote a radio interview? ›

Here are five ways you can do that.
  1. Prepare a unique version of your music. ...
  2. Think of some funny stories beforehand. ...
  3. Promote it like crazy on social media. ...
  4. Make sure you know where footage of the interview will be posted. ...
  5. Give the station a keepsake or two.
Aug 21, 2015

What type of advertising is radio? ›

What is Radio Advertising? Radio advertising is the practice of purchasing ad spots on popular radio stations to promote your products and services. Businesses like yours pay for every second of airtime, and the station broadcasts your radio commercials to its audience.

What does a radio marketer do? ›

That is, buying commercials, frequently called spots in the radio industry, to promote their products or services. Advertisers pay commercial radio stations for airtime and, in exchange, the radio station broadcasts the advertiser's commercial to its listening audience.


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