7 Tips for WWE 2K22's Universe mode (2023)

It has been 2 months since the release of WWE 2K22. Players have been experiencing the Showcase and MyRise story modes, while uploading thousands of custom superstars, arenas and more to Community Creations. Those who plan to stick with the game for the long run may turn to Universe. This sandbox game mode allows fans to play through the WWE calendar while possessing creative freedom. Shows can be changed and new championships can be added, for example.

2010’s SmackDown vs Raw 2011is where Universe made its debut. It was an enjoyable mode that has since received many improvements to become what it is today. Jumping into it can be daunting due to the amount of creation options on offer, as well as figuring out what you want your universe to be. For some help on how you could get the most out of your save, check out these 7 tips for WWE 2K22’sUniverse mode.

Table of Contents

1)Build a New Promotion

2)Keep Notes of Everything

3)Use Your Imagination for Storylines

4)Don’t Play Too Realistically

5)Get Legends Involved

6)Simulate by One Year

7)Play With Friends or Family

Build a New Promotion

Wrestling fans who have dreamed about running their own company have the power to do so. WWE 2K22 offers everything that one needs to create an original promotion. There is a long preparation process, involving creating shows and arenas for example, so patience is required here. Once ready, though, you can start your Universe mode from the promotion’s very beginning. Tournaments can be held to crown first ever champions and your top stars can be established.

Brock would be a great choice for a new promotion’s first world champion

One thing to consider is whether you want your entity to co-exist alongside WWE by keeping a show like Raw. Doing so would allow you to create some classic brand warfare storylines. Perhaps a major WWE wrestler like Roman Reigns jumps ship to their new rival? Removing them out of the equation allows for more freedom, but keeping Vince McMahon around provides storytelling ideas in case you struggle in that area.

Keep Notes of Everything

An important tip for playing WWE 2K22‘s Universe mode is to know your rosters and ongoing storylines. It can be annoying having to abandon the match card editor to remember who’s on which brand. Unless you’re using the Rivalry System, then it can also be a challenge to memorise feuds. Making notes on your phone or computer of rosters, past championship holders and rivalries makes life much easier. You can even book upcoming shows while not near the game, such as while on a work break. Building an exciting Universe requires that extra bit of effort.

HBK is one of 100+ wrestlers to keep tabs on

Keeping documents of everything can help your wrestling world continue for the long-term future. When the next WWE game releases, it’ll be easy to get business going again as long as you have notes. It can be a fun process re-setting superstars’ personalities, championships and shows. You may have an entertaining storyline from the previous game which can be revived in the new entry. In my Universe, Roman Reigns reigned as World Heavyweight Champion throughout WWE 2K20‘s entirety and he continues to do so in 2K22. That’s one of the many fun advantages from documenting.

Use Your Imagination for Storylines

Unfortunately, the aforementioned Rivalry System does not offer much this year. It’s a feature which has not quite reached its potential. The standard Universe storyline involves the enemies facing each other almost every week and cutscenes which are re-used often for other rivalries. It can become repetitive and frustrating. That’s why using the beauty of imagination is a great way to play WWE 2K22‘s Universe. Making up scenarios such as attacks and promos is not for everyone, but it can give you almost unlimited freedom.

Creating a modern day nWo is a fun storyline idea

Referencing this guide’s previous entry, it can be fun to plan out storylines step-by-step in your notes. Matches and run-ins can then help them play out as accurately as possible. It’s important to be open to improvisation, though, if you either lose a match or the game throws a curveball such as a Money in the Bank cash-in. You may end up thinking of a plan that’s even better than the original.

Don’t Play Too Realistically

Some players may feel like they have to book their Universe shows very similarly to WWE. For example, build up a championship storyline by placing the rivals in singles matches against lesser talent to build momentum. This mindset can restrict freedom and imagination. There are many different match types available in WWE 2K22, from Hell in a Cell to TLC. Don’t feel hesitant to schedule an extreme match for an episode of Raw if it makes the game mode more exciting.

Singles matches every week won’t be satisfying for a TLC match veteran like Edge

One enjoyable idea for your weekly shows is to do championship open challenges. You could pick a random wrestler to challenge one of your World Champions in a random match. A shock victory or controversial finish then helps create a storyline for the near future. At a PPV, the champion could defend against five of their toughest challengers in the Elimination Chamber. Realistic Universe modes can absolutely be fun, but it’s nice to go wild at least every now and again. It is a video game after all.

Get Legends Involved

There are plenty of legendary superstars to unlock this year. From Andre the Giant to Trish Stratus, one of your all-time favourites is bound to have been included. WWE have a history of giving veterans a final run, so why not do the same in your WWE 2K22 Universe? By involving legends, you can experience exciting dream feuds and matches. They add more enjoyment and their high attributes mean that battles will be challenging yet entertaining. You can finally give Big E a best of three series against Goldberg if you wish.

The legend who fears Big E

Legends don’t have to be used regularly. Some may prefer to have them feature on a sporadic basis. In my Universe, for example, I hold an annual PPV where past stars return to go up against today’s best wrestlers. No matter how they’re used, they add a lot to the mode. It’s worth going through the time and effort to complete the game’s full roster. If you want to book The Rock vs Steve Austin one more time at WrestleMania, then you have the freedom to do so.

Simulate by One Year

All players have the option to shake up the current landscape of WWE 2K22‘s Universe mode straight away. This is done by simulating a whole calendar year. It’s useful for those who are struggling creatively, as it brings out some bizarre yet entertaining results. Upon entering a new year, the WWE Champion may be a lower card wrestler like Drew Gulak. You’ll be able to see who’s held each championship over the past year and the rivalries that have occurred.

A simulated year could give The Rock one final championship reign

This is a good tip to consider because it can help spark ideas for storylines and matches. It’s an exciting way to kickstart a Universe save. If a champion has held a title for the majority of the year, then you could do a story of legends returning to try and stop their reign of terror. The game may have put together new tag teams throughout the simulation too. If there’s one you’re not a fan of, then book a breakup rivalry.

Play With Friends or Family

This final tip encourages socialisation. While this game mode is single player only and doesn’t feature online play, it’s possible to play it with people via passing the controller around. For example, you and two friends can each take control of one of three weekly shows. By the end of an in-game week, everyone can decide who had the better content. It’s a nice challenge that tests everyone’s creative skills.

It’s always fun to play WWE with some friends or family

Alternatively, two people can book shows together but play the matches against one another. The Gore And Perkins YouTube channel demonstrates the thrill of doing this. It adds unpredictability to Universe and allows storylines to develop on the fly, rather than following a strict plan. Whether you use one or all of these tips, your experience of WWE 2K22‘s sandbox feature will be more enjoyable and easier to get invested in.

Do you have any tips for WWE 2K22‘s Universe mode? Let me know in the comments below!

WWE 2K22 is available now

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