Little Alchemy cheats: Full list of combinations, recipes and elements (2023)

Despite the release of a sequel, Little Alchemy remains as popular as ever and the elemental game shows no signs of slowing down - and we suspect it won't for quite some time yet.

Air, Water, Fire and Earth are the elements that you start with, but that's certainly not where they end as you can get pretty much anything the further you make your way through the game.

Be it something simple like bread or something a bit more obscure (like The One Ring from Lord of the Rings), there is a massive list of what you can make.

Note: if you're splitting your time between the first and second games, we've got a whole other page about Little Alchemy 2 cheats. Or you could keep on reading for the first one's big list of combinations.

  • Acid Rain rain, smoke/rain, smog
  • Airplane bird, steel/bird, metal
  • Alarm Clock clock, sound
  • Alcohol fruit, time/juice, time
  • Algae water, plant/sea, plant/ocean, plant
  • Alien life, space
  • Allergy human, dust
  • Alligator lizard, swamp/lizard, river
  • Alpaca mountain, sheep
  • Ambulance car, hospital/car, doctor
  • Angel human, bird
  • Angler human, fishing rod
  • Ant grass, wild animal / wild animal, sugar
  • Antarctica snow, desert/ice, desert
  • Aquarium water, glass/glass, fish
  • Archipelago isle, isle
  • Armadillo wild animal, armour
  • Armour tool, metal/tool, steel
  • Ash volcano, energy
  • Astronaut human, moon / rocket, human / human, space station / human, space
  • Astronaut Ice Cream ice cream, astronaut
  • Atmosphere air, pressure/sky, pressure
  • Atomic Bomb energy, explosion
  • Aurora sun, Antarctica / sky, Antarctica / Antarctica, atmosphere
  • Avalanche energy, snow
  • Axe blade, wood
  • Bacon pig, fire
  • Bacteria swamp, life
  • Baker human, flour/human, bread/human, dough
  • Bakery house, baker/house, bread
  • Banana fruit, monkey
  • Banana bread bread, banana
  • Bandage blood, fabric
  • Bank house, money/house, gold/house, safe
  • Barn cow, house/livestock, house/house, hay
  • Bat mouse, bird/mouse, sky
  • Batman bat, human
  • Batter flour, milk
  • Bayonet gun, blade/gun, sword
  • BBQ campfire, meat/campfire, garden
  • Beach sea, sand/ocean, sand
  • Beaver wild animal, wood / wild animal, dam
  • Bee flower, wild animal
  • Beehive bee, house/bee, tree
  • Beer alcohol, wheat
  • Bicycle wheel, wheel
  • Bird air, life / life, sky / egg, air / egg, sky
  • Birdhouse bird, house
  • Black Hole star, pressure
  • Blade metal, stone
  • Blender glass, blade/blade, electricity
  • Blizzard snow, snow/snow, storm/snow, wind
  • Blood human, blade
  • Blueprint engineer, paper
  • Boat water, wood
  • Boiler steam, metal
  • Bone corpse, time
  • Bonsai Tree tree, pottery/tree, scissors
  • Book paper, wood/paper, story
  • Bread dough, fire
  • Brick clay, fire / mud, fire / mud, sun / clay, sun
  • Bridge river, wood/river, metal/river, steel
  • Broom wood, hay
  • Bullet gunpowder, metal
  • Bulletproof Vest bullet, armour
  • Bus car, car
  • Butcher human, meat
  • Butter energy, milk/milk, pressure
  • Butterfly flower, wild animal
  • Cactus desert, plant/sand, plant
  • Cake dough, candle
  • Camel desert, wild animal/desert, horse/livestock, desert
  • Campfire fire, wood
  • Candle wax, thread/wax, fire
  • Candy Cane sugar, Christmas tree
  • Cannon gunpowder, pirate ship/gunpowder, castle
  • Cape hero, fabric
  • Car wheel, metal
  • Caramel sugar, fire
  • Carbon Dioxide human, oxygen / plant, night / tree, night
  • Carrot snowman, vegetable/sun, snowman
  • Cart wheel, wood
  • Cashmere tool, mountain goat / thread, mountain goat / fabric, mountain goat / scissors, mountain goat / wool, mountain goat
  • Castle house, knight
  • Cat wild animal, milk
  • Catnip cat, plant
  • Cauldron metal, witch / steel, witch / fireplace, witch / campfire, witch
  • Caviar hard roe, human
  • Centaur horse, human
  • Cereal wheat, milk
  • Chain metal, rope/steel, rope
  • Chainsaw axe, electricity
  • Chameleon lizard, rainbow
  • Charcoal fire, wood
  • Cheese time, milk
  • Cheeseburger cheese, hamburger
  • Chicken egg, livestock/livestock, bird/bird, farmer
  • Chicken Soup water, chicken
  • Chicken wing chicken, bone
  • Chimney house, fireplace/smoke, brick/fireplace, brick
  • Christmas Stocking wool, fireplace
  • Christmas Tree light bulb, tree/tree, star
  • Cigarette tobacco, paper
  • City village, village/skyscraper, skyscraper
  • Clay sand, mud
  • Clock time, tool / time, wheel / time, electricity
  • Cloud air, steam
  • Coal pressure, plant/sun, snowman
  • Coconut palm, fruit
  • Coconut Milk coconut, tool/milk, coconut
  • Coffin wood, corpse
  • Cold human, rain
  • Computer electricity, nerd / wire, nerd / tool, nerd
  • Computer Mouse mouse, computer
  • Confetti paper, blade / paper, scissors
  • Cookbook book, recipe/recipe, recipe
  • Constellation star, star
  • Cookie dough, sugar
  • Corpse human, gun/human, grim reaper
  • Cotton plant, cloud
  • Cow grass, livestock
  • Crayon rainbow, pencil/rainbow, wax
  • Crow bird, scarecrow/bird, field
  • Crown gold, monarch/metal, monarch
  • Crystal Ball witch, glass/wizard, glass
  • Cuckoo clock, bird
  • Cyborg human, robot
  • Cyclist bicycle, human
  • Dam beaver, river/beaver, tree/beaver, wood/wall, river
  • Darth Vader jedi, fire / jedi, lava
  • Day sun, time / night, sun / time, night / sky, sun
  • Desert sand, sand/sand, cactus
  • Dew water, grass / fog, grass
  • Diamond pressure, coal
  • Dinosaur lizard, time
  • Doctor human, hospital
  • Dog wild animal, human
  • Doge dog, computer
  • Doghouse dog, house
  • Don Quixote windmill, knight
  • Doughnut dough, oil
  • Double Rainbow! rainbow, rainbow
  • Dough flour, water
  • Dragon lizard, fire
  • Drone airplane, robot
  • Drum wood, leather
  • Drunk human, alcohol/beer, human/human, wine
  • Dry Ice carbon dioxide, cold/ice, carbon dioxide
  • Duck bird, lake/water, bird/bird, pond/time, duckling
  • Duckling egg, duck
  • Dune sand, wind/desert, wind/beach, wind
  • Dust earth, air/sun, vampire/day, vampire
  • Dynamite gunpowder, wire
  • Eagle mountain, bird
  • Earthquake earth, energy/earth, wave
  • Eclipse sun, moon
  • Egg life, stone / bird, bird / turtle, turtle / lizard, lizard
  • Egg Timer egg, clock/egg, watch
  • Electric Car car, electricity
  • Electric Eel fish, electricity
  • Electrician human, electricity/human, wire
  • Electricity metal, energy / solar cell, sun / wind turbine, wind / light, solar cell
  • Email letter, computer/letter, internet
  • Energy air, fire/plant, sun
  • Engineer human, tool
  • Eruption volcano, energy
  • Excalibur sword, stone
  • Explosion gunpowder, fire
  • Fabric thread, tool
  • Fairy Tale story, monarch/story, castle/knight, story/dragon, story
  • Family human, house
  • Family tree tree, family
  • Farm farmer, house/farmer, barn
  • Farmer human, plant/field, human/human, pitchfork
  • Faun goat, human
  • Fence wall, wood
  • Field earth, farmer/earth, tool
  • Fire Extinguisher fire, carbon dioxide / pressure, carbon dioxide / metal, carbon dioxide
  • Fireman human, fire/human, firetruck
  • Fireplace house, campfire/campfire, brick/campfire, wall
  • Firetruck fireman, car
  • Fireworks explosion, sky
  • Fish hard roe, time
  • Fish and Chips fish, French fries
  • Fishing Rod tool, fish/wood, fish
  • Flamethrower fire, gun
  • Flashlight tool, light
  • Flood rain, rain/rain, time
  • Flour wheat, stone/windmill, wheat
  • Flower plant, garden
  • Flute wood, wind
  • Flying Fish fish, bird/sky, fish
  • Flying Squirrel squirrel, bird/squirrel, wind/squirrel, aeroplane/sky, squirrel
  • Fog earth, cloud
  • Forest tree, tree
  • Fortune Cookie paper, cookie
  • Fossil dinosaur, time / dinosaur, earth / stone, dinosaur
  • Fountain statue, water
  • Fox chicken, wild animal
  • Frankenstein zombie, electricity/electricity, corpse
  • French fries oil, vegetable
  • Fridge metal, cold / electricity, cold / metal, ice
  • Frog wild animal, pond
  • Fruit tree, farmer/sun, tree
  • Fruit Tree fruit, tree
  • Galaxy star, star
  • Garden plant, plant / flower, flower / plant, grass / house, grass
  • Gardener human, garden
  • Geyser steam, earth
  • Ghost graveyard, night/castle, night
  • Gift Santa, Christmas tree / Santa, Christmas stocking / Santa, cookie / Santa, chimney / Santa, fireplace
  • Gingerbread house house, dough/house, gingerbread man
  • Gingerbread man life, dough
  • Glacier ice, mountain
  • Glass fire, sand/sand, electricity
  • Glasses glass, metal/glass, glass
  • Gnome garden, statue
  • Goat livestock, mountain
  • Godzilla dinosaur, city
  • Gold metal, sun/metal, rainbow
  • Golem clay, life
  • Granite lava, pressure
  • Grass plant, earth
  • Grave coffin, earth/corpse, earth
  • Gravestone grave, stone
  • Graveyard grave, grave/gravestone, gravestone
  • Greenhouse plant, glass/window, window
  • Grenade explosion, metal
  • Grilled cheese cheese, toast
  • Grim Reaper human, scythe/corpse, scythe
  • Gun metal, bullet
  • Gunpowder fire, dust
  • Hail rain, ice/ice, storm/ice, cloud
  • Ham meat, smoke
  • Hamburger meat, bread
  • Hammer metal, wood
  • Hamster wheel, mouse
  • Hard Roe egg, water / egg, sea / egg, ocean / egg, pond / fish, fish
  • Harp angel, music
  • Hay farmer, grass/grass, scythe/grass, sun
  • Hay bale hay, hay
  • Hedge plant, fence/leaf, fence
  • Helicopter blade, airplane/windmill, airplane
  • Herb plant, sickness/sickness, leaf
  • Hero knight, dragon
  • Hippo horse, river/horse, water
  • Honey bee, flower/bee, beehive
  • Horizon sky, earth/sea, sky/ocean, sky
  • Horse hay, livestock
  • Horseshoe metal, horse
  • Hospital house, sickness/house, ambulance/house, doctor
  • Hourglass sand, glass
  • House wall, wall
  • Human earth, life
  • Hummingbird bird, flower
  • Hurricane wind, energy
  • Husky snow, dog/ice, dog
  • Ice water, cold
  • Iceberg sea, ice / ocean, ice / sea, Antarctica / ocean, Antarctica
  • Ice Cream milk, ice
  • Ice cream truck car, ice cream
  • Iced tea ice, tea/cold, tea
  • Idea human, light bulb / light bulb, nerd
  • Igloo house, ice/house, snow
  • Internet computer, computer / computer, wire / computer, web
  • Isle ocean, volcano/volcano, sea
  • Ivy plant, wall
  • Jack-O'-Lantern pumpkin, fire/blade, pumpkin/pumpkin, candle
  • Jam juice, sugar
  • Jedi lightsaber, human/knight, lightsaber
  • Jerky meat, sun/meat, salt
  • Juice water, fruit/pressure, fruit
  • Keyboard Cat cat, music
  • Kite wind, paper/sky, paper
  • Knight human, armour
  • Lake water, pond/river, dam
  • Lamp metal, light bulb
  • Lasso cow, rope/horse, rope
  • Lava earth, fire
  • Lava Lamp lava, lamp
  • Lawn Mower grass, tool/electricity, scythe
  • Leaf tree, wind
  • Leather cow, blade/pig, blade
  • Lemonade fruit, water
  • Letter paper, pencil
  • Library house, book
  • Life swamp, energy/love, time
  • Light light bulb, electricity / electricity, flashlight
  • Light Bulb electricity, glass
  • Lighthouse light, house / light, beach / light, ocean / light, sea
  • Lightsaber light, sword/energy, sword/electricity, sword
  • Lion wild animal, cat
  • Livestock farmer, life / wild animal, human/farmer, wild animal
  • Lizard egg, swamp
  • Log cabin wood, house
  • Love human, human
  • Lumberjack axe, human/human, chainsaw
  • Mac and Cheese cheese, pasta
  • Mailman human, letter
  • Manatee cow, sea
  • Map paper, earth
  • Mars rust, planet
  • Marshmallows sugar, campfire
  • Mayonnaise egg, oil
  • Meat cow, tool/livestock, butcher/cow, butcher/pig, butcher/pig, tool/blade, livestock
  • Medusa human, snake
  • Mermaid human, fish
  • Metal fire, stone
  • Meteor meteoroid, atmosphere/sky, meteoroid
  • Meteoroid stone, space
  • Microscope glass, bacteria/bacteria, glasses
  • Milk farmer, cow/cow, human
  • Milk Shake milk, ice cream
  • Minotaur human, cow
  • Mirror glass, metal
  • Mould time, bread
  • Monarch human, castle / Excalibur, human/crown, human
  • Money paper, gold
  • Monkey tree, wild animal
  • Moon sky, cheese/sky, stone
  • Moss plant, stone/algae, stone
  • Moth moon, butterfly/night, butterfly
  • Motorcycle bicycle, energy/bicycle, steel
  • Mountain earthquake, earth
  • Mountain Goat mountain, goat/goat, mountain range
  • Mountain Range mountain, mountain
  • Mouse cheese, wild animal
  • Mousetrap wood, cheese/metal, cheese
  • Mud water, earth
  • Mummy corpse, pyramid
  • Music human, flute/human, sound
  • Narwhal unicorn, ocean/unicorn, water/sea, unicorn
  • Needle metal, thread/metal, hay
  • Nerd human, glasses
  • Nessie story, lake
  • Nest bird, tree/bird, hay/egg, hay
  • Newspaper paper, paper
  • Night moon, time/time, day/sky, moon
  • Ninja shuriken, human
  • Ninja Turtle turtle, ninja
  • Nut tree, squirrel/fruit, squirrel
  • Oasis desert, water
  • Obsidian lava, water
  • Ocean sea, sea / water, sea
  • Oil sunflower, pressure
  • Oil Lamp clay, oil / potter, oil / oil, rope / glass, oil / fire, oil
  • Omelette egg, fire
  • Optical Fiber wire, light
  • Orchard fruit tree, fruit tree / field, fruit tree
  • Origami bird, paper
  • Ostrich bird, earth / bird, sand
  • Owl night, bird / bird, wizard
  • Oxygen plant, sun/plant, carbon dioxide
  • Ozone oxygen, oxygen/oxygen, electricity
  • Paint water, rainbow/water, pencil
  • Palm isle, tree/tree, beach
  • Paper wood, pressure
  • Paper Airplane airplane, paper
  • Parachute pilot, fabric/pilot, umbrella
  • Parrot bird, pirate
  • Pasta flour, egg
  • Peacock bird, rainbow
  • Pegasus bird, horse/sky, horse/bird, unicorn
  • Pencil wood, coal/wood, charcoal
  • Pencil Sharpener blade, pencil
  • Penguin ice, wild animal/ice, bird/bird, snow
  • Penicillin doctor, mould
  • Perfume water, rose / water, flower / steam, rose / steam, flower / alcohol, rose / alcohol, flower
  • Petroleum fossil, time/fossil, pressure
  • Phoenix fire, bird
  • Picnic grass, sandwich/beach, sandwich
  • Pie dough, fruit
  • Pig livestock, mud
  • Pigeon bird, city / bird, letter / bird, statue
  • Piggy Bank pig, money/pottery, pig
  • Pillow cotton, fabric
  • Pilot airplane, human/seaplane, human
  • Pinocchio wood, life
  • Pipe tobacco, wood
  • Piranha fish, blood
  • Pirate sword, sailor/sailor, pirate ship
  • Pirate Ship sailboat, pirate/boat, pirate
  • Pitchfork tool, hay
  • Pizza cheese, dough
  • Planet earth, space
  • Plankton water, life/sea, life
  • Plant rain, earth
  • Platypus beaver, duck
  • Pond water, garden
  • Popsicle juice, ice
  • Pottery fire, clay/clay, wheel/clay, tool
  • Pressure earth, earth/air, air
  • Printer paper, computer
  • Prism glass, rainbow
  • Pterodactyl air, dinosaur/bird, dinosaur
  • Puddle snowman, flamethrower/sun, ice/sun, snowman
  • Pumpkin vegetable, fire/vegetable, light
  • Pyramid desert, stone/desert, grave

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(Video) Little Alchemy 2 Cheats / Elements Combination Walkthrough Ep. 1
  • Quicksand sand, swamp
  • Rabbit wild animal, carrot
  • Rain water, air
  • Rainbow rain, sun/rain, light
  • Rat wild animal, pirate ship/sailboat, wild animal
  • Recipe flour, paper/paper, baker
  • Reindeer Santa, wild animal/livestock, Santa
  • Ring diamond, metal/diamond, gold
  • River mountain, water/rain, mountain
  • Robot metal, life / steel, life / life, armour
  • Rocket airplane, space
  • Roller Coaster train, mountain/mountain, cart
  • Roomba robot, vacuum cleaner
  • Rope thread, thread
  • Rose plant, love/flower, love
  • Ruins time, castle/time, house
  • Ruler wood, pencil
  • Rust air, metal / metal, oxygen / steel, oxygen / air, steel
  • RV car, house
  • Saddle horse, leather
  • Safe metal, money / metal, gold / steel, money / steel, gold
  • Safety Glasses explosion, glasses/tool, glasses/engineer, glasses
  • Sailboat boat, wind/boat, fabric
  • Sailor human, boat/human, sailboat
  • Salt sea, sun / ocean, sun / fire, sea / fire, ocean
  • Sand air, stone
  • Sand Castle sand, castle
  • Sandpaper sand, paper
  • Sandstone stone, sand
  • Sandstorm sand, energy/sand, storm/sand, hurricane
  • Sandwich bread, ham/cheese, bread/bread, bacon
  • Santa human, Christmas tree
  • Saturn ring, planet
  • Scalpel blade, doctor/blade, hospital
  • Scarecrow human, hay
  • Scissors blade, blade
  • Scorpion wild animal, sand / wild animal, dune
  • Scythe blade, grass/blade, wheat
  • Seawater, water
  • Seagull bird, sea/bird, ocean/bird, beach
  • Seahorse horse, sea/ocean, horse/fish, horse
  • Seal dog, sea
  • Seaplane airplane, water/airplane, ocean/airplane, sea
  • Seasickness sickness, sea/sickness, ocean/boat, sickness/steamboat, sickness/sailboat, sickness
  • Seaweed plant, sea/plant, ocean
  • Sewing Machine electricity, needle/robot, needle
  • Shark ocean, wild animal/sea, wild animal/sea, blood/blood, ocean
  • Sheep cloud, livestock
  • Sheet Music paper, music
  • Shuriken star, blade
  • Sickness human, bacteria/human, sickness/human, rain
  • Skateboard snowboard, wheel
  • Skeleton corpse, time / bone, bone
  • Ski Goggles glasses, snow
  • Sky air, cloud
  • Skyscraper house, sky
  • Sledge snow, cart/snow, wagon
  • Sloth wild animal/time
  • Smog smoke, fog/fog, city
  • Smoke fire, wood
  • Smoke Signal campfire, fabric/smoke, fabric
  • Smoothie fruit, blender
  • Snake wild animal, wire
  • Snow steam, cold
  • Snowball snow, human
  • Snowboard wood, snow/snow, surfer
  • Snow globe glass, snow/snow, crystal ball
  • Snowman snow, human/snowball, snowball/snow, carrot/snowball, carrot
  • Snowmobile snow, motorcycle/snow, car
  • Soap oil, ash
  • Soap Bubble air, soap/water, soap
  • Soda water, carbon dioxide/juice, carbon dioxide
  • Solar Cell sun, tool
  • Solar System sun, planet
  • Sound air, wave
  • Space sky, star / sun, star / moon, star
  • Spaceship airplane, astronaut
  • Space Station space, house
  • Spaghetti thread, pasta
  • Sphinx human, lion
  • Spider wild animal, thread
  • Sprinkles sugar, confetti
  • Squirrel mouse, tree
  • Star sky, night/night, telescope
  • Starfish fish, star / sea, star / ocean, star
  • Statue stone, tool/human, medusa
  • Steak fire, cow/meat, BBQ
  • Steam water, fire/water, energy
  • Steamboat steam engine, water/steam engine, boat
  • Steam Engine boiler, tool/boiler, wheel
  • Steel metal, coal
  • Steel Wool steel, wool/wire, wool
  • Stethoscope tool, doctor
  • Stone air, lava
  • Storm energy, cloud/cloud, electricity
  • Story human, campfire
  • Sugar fruit, energy/juice, fire/juice, energy
  • Sun fire, sky
  • Sundial clock, sun
  • Sunflower plant, sun/flower, sun
  • Sunglasses sun, glasses/beach, glasses
  • Supernova explosion, star
  • Surfer human, wave
  • Sushi fish, seaweed/caviar, seaweed
  • Swamp mud, plant/mud, grass
  • Sweater wool, tool/human, wool
  • Swim Goggles glasses, water
  • Swimmer human, swim goggles
  • Sword blade, metal/blade, steel
  • Swordfish fish, sword
  • Tank car, armour/car, gun
  • Taser gun, electricity
  • Tea water, leaf
  • Telescope glass, sky / glass, star / glass, space
  • Tent wood, fabric/house, fabric
  • The One Ring volcano, ring
  • Thread cotton, tool/wheel, wool
  • Tide sea, moon/ocean, moon
  • Time sand, glass
  • Titanic steamboat, iceberg
  • Toast sandwich, fire/bread, fire
  • Tobacco plant, fire
  • Tool metal, human
  • Toucan bird, rainbow
  • Tractor farmer, car/field, car
  • Train steam engine, steel/steam engine, metal/steam engine, wheel/steam engine, wagon
  • Treasure pirate, treasure map
  • Treasure map pirate, map
  • Tree plant, time
  • Treehouse tree, house
  • Trojan Horse horse, wood
  • Tsunami ocean, earthquake/sea, earthquake
  • Tunnel engineer, mountain
  • Turtle egg, sand
  • Twilight day, night
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex meat, dinosaur
  • UFO rocket, alien/airplane, alien
  • Umbrella tool, rain/rain, fabric
  • Unicorn rainbow, horse/rainbow, life/double rainbow!, horse/double rainbow!, life
  • Vacuum Cleaner electricity, broom
  • Vampire human, blood/human, vampire
  • Vase plant, pottery/pottery, flower
  • Vegetable field, fruit
  • Village house, house
  • Vinegar time, wine/air, wine/wine, oxygen
  • Volcano lava, earth/lava, mountain/fire, mountain
  • Vulture bird, corpse
  • Wagon cart, horse
  • Wall brick, brick
  • Wallet leather, money
  • Wand wizard, wood
  • Warrior sword, human
  • Watch human, clock
  • Water Gun water, gun
  • Water Lilly flower, pond
  • Water Pipe water, pipe
  • Waterfall mountain, river
  • Waterwheel water, wheel/wheel, river
  • Wave ocean, wind/sea, wind
  • Wax bee, beehive
  • Web spider, thread
  • Werewolf wolf, human/werewolf, human
  • Wheatfield, farmer/plant, farmer
  • Wheel tool, wood
  • Wild Animal forest, life
  • Wild Boar pig, wild animal/pig, forest
  • Wind pressure, air/air, energy
  • Windmill house, wind/wheel, wind
  • Wind Turbine windmill, electricity
  • Window glass, house
  • Wine fruit, alcohol
  • Wire electricity, metal
  • Witch human, broom/wizard, broom
  • Wizard human, energy
  • Wolf dog, forest / wild animal, moon / wild animal, dog
  • Wood tool, tree
  • Woodpecker bird, wood
  • Wool sheep, tool/scissors, sheep
  • Wrapping Paper gift, paper
  • X-ray light, bone / light, skeleton
  • Yak cow, mountain
  • Yoda jedi, swamp
  • Yogurt milk, bacteria
  • Zombie corpse, life

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(Video) Little Alchemy CHECKLIST - All 580 Items In Order

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(Video) Little Alchemy 2 FULL WALKTHROUGH 💯 720 Elements


How many little alchemy combinations are there? ›

IGN's Little Alchemy Cheats guide has you sorted with a massive list of more than 500 Little Alchemy ingredient/element combinations.

What are the 9 secret elements in little alchemy? ›

Hidden Gems

Avert your eyes, because we're about to spoil the nine hidden alchemical combinations. Doge, Keyboard Cat, Ninja Turtle, The One Ring, TARDIS, The Doctor, Astronaut Ice Cream, Nessie and Yeti.

What are the 7 hidden elements in little alchemy? ›

Hidden elements
Ninja turtleTurtle + Ninja
The one ringRing + Volcano
YetiStory + Mountain Story + Mountain range
TardisTime + Space
5 more rows

What can you mix cigarette with in little alchemy? ›

What can you make with tobacco in Little Alchemy?
Combine withCreate

What can you combine with love in little alchemy? ›

What can you make with love in Little Alchemy?
Combine withCreate

What are all the secret items in little alchemy? ›

Little Alchemy cheats can, in this case, refer to the game's "hidden" elements.
What Are Some Little Alchemy Cheats?
The One RingVolcano + Ring
Astronaut Ice CreamAstronaut + Ice Cream
YetiMountain + Story OR Mountain Range + Story
TardisTime + Space
5 more rows
12 Apr 2022

What combines with oxygen in little alchemy? ›

Little Alchemy 1
Carbon dioxideHuman + Oxygen
OzoneOxygen + Oxygen Electricity + Oxygen
RustMetal + Oxygen Steel + Oxygen
VinegarWine + Oxygen

What are the final elements in little alchemy? ›

Final Elements in Little Alchemy are those that can't be combined with any other. Obsidian is an early example of these, but there are plenty of others you can find by mercilessly mixing the elements.

How do you make the one ring hidden element in little alchemy? ›

  1. diamond + metal.
  2. diamond + gold.

Is Tardis a hidden element in little alchemy? ›

Tardis is an element that can be found in Little Alchemy 1.

What can you make with fire extinguisher in little alchemy? ›

  • fire + carbon dioxide.
  • pressure + carbon dioxide.
  • metal + carbon dioxide.

What can I combine galaxy with in little alchemy? ›

What can you make with galaxy in Little Alchemy 2?
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containergalaxy cluster
galaxygalaxy cluster
4 more rows

What can you mix solar cell with in little alchemy? ›

solar cell
  • tool + sun.
  • tool + light.
  • sun + machine.
  • sun + electricity.
  • energy + sun.

What can you mix with thread in little alchemy? ›

What can you make with thread in Little Alchemy?
Combine withCreate
mountain goatcashmere
4 more rows

What can you mix with electricity in little alchemy? ›

Little Alchemy 2
BatteryContainer + Electricity Electricity + Mineral Electricity + Ore
BlenderBlade + Electricity
ChainsawAxe + Electricity Lumberjack + Electricity
ClockTime + Electricity Sundial + Electricity
24 more rows

What can you mix fence with in little alchemy? ›

What can you make with fence in Little Alchemy?
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What can you mix ambulance with in little alchemy? ›

What can you make with ambulance in Little Alchemy?
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What can you mix carbon dioxide with in little alchemy? ›

  • human. oxygen.
  • plant. night.
  • tree. night.

How do you make 580 in little alchemy? ›

How to get Little Alchemy? You can Little Alchemy and add it as an extension to your Google Chrome browser. Start with four basic elements (air, earth, water, and fire), and then you can create up to 580 elements including hamburger, lion, earthquake, and even an x-ray.

What does Hurricane do in little alchemy? ›

What can you make with hurricane in Little Alchemy?
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What is the end goal of little alchemy? ›

The objective of Little Alchemy is to mix the elements to find new elements. To mix and element, select a second element on top of the one you have previously dropped.

How do you make Internet on little alchemy? ›

Internet Little Alchemy Cheats
  1. computer + web.
  2. computer + wire.
  3. 2 × computer.

What does Antarctica make in little alchemy? ›

What can you make with Antarctica in Little Alchemy?
Combine withCreate
1 more row

What is the final element in little alchemy? ›

Final Elements in Little Alchemy are those that can't be combined with any other. Obsidian is an early example of these, but there are plenty of others you can find by mercilessly mixing the elements.

How do you make 580 in little alchemy? ›

How to get Little Alchemy? You can Little Alchemy and add it as an extension to your Google Chrome browser. Start with four basic elements (air, earth, water, and fire), and then you can create up to 580 elements including hamburger, lion, earthquake, and even an x-ray.

What is the secret element in little alchemy? ›

Little Alchemy cheats can, in this case, refer to the game's "hidden" elements.
What Are Some Little Alchemy Cheats?
The One RingVolcano + Ring
Astronaut Ice CreamAstronaut + Ice Cream
YetiMountain + Story OR Mountain Range + Story
TardisTime + Space
5 more rows
12 Apr 2022

Is Tardis a hidden element in little alchemy? ›

Tardis is an element that can be found in Little Alchemy 1.

Is there lightning in little alchemy? ›

Lightning is an element found in Little Alchemy 2.

How do you make Batin on little alchemy? ›

  1. mouse + bird.
  2. mouse + sky.

How do you make the one ring hidden element in little alchemy? ›

  1. diamond + metal.
  2. diamond + gold.

What does Hurricane do in little alchemy? ›

What can you make with hurricane in Little Alchemy?
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What can love make in little alchemy? ›

Little Alchemy 2
CupidDLCLove + DeityDLC
FamilyLove + Container
RingLove + Gold Love + Diamond Love + Metal Love + Steel
RoseLove + Plant Love + Flower

What can you use cigarette for in little alchemy? ›

What can you make with tobacco in Little Alchemy?
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