Top 20 Finance Job Titles (2022)

Which finance job titles work best?

I asked my team to help me analyze finance titles that both employers and candidates say are the most important. This Finance job title article is the latest chapter inOngig’s Job Titles: The Definitive Guide.

We provide some best practices on finance job titles such as

  • Finance Job Titles Hierarchy — The standard for finance department positions
  • Most Searched-For Finance Titles — A pie chart of the top 20 finance position titles candidates search for on Google.
  • Finance Job Titles and Descriptions — A list of the top 20 finance titles and descriptions that employers request.

Notes: The finance titles hierarchy at many employers includes both Finance and Accounting together as one department (or Accounting reports into Finance). This finance job titles list includes Finance positions only. Check outThe Top 20 Accounting Job Titlesfor similar data on accounting titles only. Also, this article focuses on U.S.-oriented top finance jobs. Titles for finance outside the U.S. may differ.

Finance Job Titles Hierarchy

Top 20 Finance Job Titles (1)

The leader of most finance teams is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and they report to the CEO. At smaller companies the top finance position might instead be the Vice President of Finance or Treasurer.

“Treasurer” is also an official role in the articles of incorporation at most companies where the company is required to list the top few officers (e.g. President (aka CEO), Treasurer and Secretary).


Below are the most popular entry-level finance job titles ranked by both candidate and employer searches on Google (source;ahrefsand Google Keyword Planner).

Finance TitlesCandidate Searches/MonthEmployer Searches/Month
Payroll Clerk400600
Junior Financial Analyst200100
Payroll Assistant100200
Finance Clerk5090
Financial Advisor Assistant4050
Purchasing Clerk40250
Finance Intern40150

Top Finance Job Titles (Candidates)

Below is a pie chart of the top 20 finance titles candidates search for on Google (source:ahrefsand Google Keyword Planner).

Top 20 Finance Job Titles (2)

Top Finance Job Titles (Employers)

Here is a list of the top 20 finance job titles and descriptions that employers search for via Google. These different finance titles are ranked in descending order (source: Google search terms such as “[Job Title] Job Descriptions”). I’ve included synonyms for the positions where relevant.

Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst, also known as a Finance Analyst, is responsible for gathering information and data for their organization. A Financial Analyst is tasked with organizing and using the data collected to assist a business with creating financial projections, comparing stock prices, researching the industry, and making projections. A Financial Analyst may also be tasked with building financial models and making recommendations to cut costs or grow revenue.

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# of Google Searches per Month: 3,700; Finance Analyst: 200; Junior Financial Analyst: 100


A CFO, commonly known as a Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for working directly with both senior executives and junior financial analysts of a company. A CFO is a leader whose duties include:

  • Direction and management of the finance team
  • Control of financial forecasting and report preparations
  • Advising on long-term fiscal planning for the business
  • Relationship management and development both internally and externally
  • Review of organization-wide procedures with senior management

# of Google Searches per Month: 3,100; Chief Financial Officer: 1,100

Financial Advisor

A Financial Advisor is responsible for providing guidance and financial advice for their clients related to their personal finances. A Financial Advisor may specialize in various types of financial services, such as financial planning or asset management. The duties of a Financial Advisor include tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, budget planning, philanthropic planning, investment management, and insurance planning.

# of Google Searches per Month: 1,400

Finance Manager

A Finance Manager, also known as a Financial Manager, is responsible for managing and organizing the financial portfolio of an individual client or organization. A Finance Manager is tasked with overseeing cash management and investment planning. The duties of a Finance Manager also include:

  • Preparing financial reports
  • Managing cash assets and investments
  • Overseeing credits and collections

# of Google Searches per Month: 1,100; Financial Manager: 800; Finance Officer: 150


A Treasure is responsible forcash and liquidity management, risk management, and corporate finance. A Treasurer, usually reporting to the CFO, assists senior management with investment decisions. The duties of a Treasurer may include financial benchmarking, overseeing day-to-day cash management, and preparing financial forecasts based on past financial reports. The “Treasurer” is also an official role in the articles of incorporation at many companies where there are often 3 officers named (e.g. President, Treasurer and Secretary).

# of Google Searches per Month: 900

Credit Analyst

A Credit Analyst is responsible for analyzing financial information and credit data for individuals or companies that are applying for loans. A Credit Analyst is responsible for determining the financial risks to the bank or other lending institutions and recommending if the loan or line of credit being applied for should be granted. Another task of the Credit Analyst is to prepare credit reports based on their findings after analyzing the creditworthiness of an organization or person.

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# of Google Searches per Month: 800

Director of Finance

A Director of Finance, or Finance Director, is a senior executive who is responsible for the financial health of a company. The duties of a Director of Finance are to manage the financial and accounting control functions of an organization. A Director of Finance is also responsible for establishing financial strategies to ensure the long-term growth and profitability of a company.

# of Google Searches per Month: 500; Finance Director: 300

Payroll Manager

A Payroll Manager is responsible for the compensation and payroll activities within an organization. A Payroll Manager is responsible for overseeing the daily duties of the payroll department employees and handles the tracking, calculations, and pay distribution to company employees. Other responsibilities of a Payroll Manager include:

  • Calculating payroll taxes
  • Resolving payroll discrepancies
  • Distributing employee forms for tax preparation
  • Record keeping for employee files

# of Google Searches per Month: 500


An Economist is a trained financial decision-maker. The daily duties of an Economist are to research economic data, forecast market trends, collect and analyze data, present reports from financial research, and advising on economic topics for individuals, governments, or organizations. An Economist is also responsible for recommending solutions to economic issues.

# of Google Searches per Month: 450

Purchasing Manager

A Purchasing Manager is responsible for managing the purchases needed for an organization. Tasks includesupplier evaluations, interviewing vendors, and visiting supplier plants or distribution centers. A Procurement Manager is tasked with keeping the organization up to date on market trends and the latest products by attending trade shows and conferences.

# of Google Searches per Month: 450; Procurement Manager: 350

Budget Analyst

A Budget Analyst is responsible for helping organizations of all sizes to maintain a balanced budget. A Budget Analyst is tasked with working directly with senior management to assess budget needs and make decisions for one-time expenditures or select purchases. Depending on the size of the company, it may also be the duty of a Budget Analyst to run regular financial reports to share with the upper-level management in an organization.

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# of Google Searches per Month: 400

Senior Finance Analyst

A Senior Finance Analyst commonly called a Senior Financial Analyst is responsible for developing and maintaining a network of industry-related contacts to help develop investment opinions for an organization or individual. A Senior Finance Analyst is tasked with monitoring market-related events that may affect an organization’s investment portfolio. Another task of a Senior Finance Analyst is to research and pitch new investment opportunities to the senior management of an organization.

# of Google Searches per Month: 300; Senior Financial Analyst: 250

Purchasing Clerk

A Purchasing Clerk works directly with the Purchasing Manager and is responsible for purchasing products, supplies, and raw materials for an organization. A Purchasing Clerk may also be responsible for negotiating with vendors and suppliers. Other duties of a Purchasing Clerk are:

  • Scheduling deliveries for supplies and equipment
  • Tracking company inventory
  • Keeping records and reports of supply costs

# of Google Searches per Month: 250; Purchasing Assistant: 250

Procurement Analyst

A Procurement Analyst is an experienced employee who works directly with a Procurement Manager to compare products and services from suppliers and research, which are most compatible with the organization. A Procurement Analyst is responsible for monitoring inventory levels of existing stock and keeping track of changes that may affect the supply and demand for materials necessary to an organization’s operations.

# of Google Searches per Month: 250

VP Finance

A VP Finance is also known as VP of Finance or Vice President of Finance and is responsible for having a hands-on role in the finance department of an organization. Depending on the size of the organization, the duties of a VP Finance include:

  • Creating financial plans with senior management
  • Directing financial strategies and budget management
  • Directing accounts receivable, payable, and payroll staff
  • Overseeing financial planning and matters in an organization

# of Google Searches per Month: 200; VP of Finance: 150; Vice President of Finance; 100

Finance Assistant

A Finance Assistant, or Finance Clerk, is responsible for supporting the senior management and financial team within an organization. Daily tasks of a Finance Clerk include:

(Video) CEO vs COO vs CFO - Roles, Responsibilities and Salary

  • Maintaining and updating financial records
  • Tracking and documenting raw financial data
  • Calculating bills and other transactions
  • Answering basic financial questions from clients

# of Google Searches per Month: 150; Finance Clerk: 90

Finance Intern

A Finance Intern is responsible for shadowing upper-level management in the financial department to gain industry knowledge. The duties of a Finance Intern may include administrative tasks such as data entry, record keeping, data maintenance, and assisting with financial audits. A Finance Intern is also tasked with sitting in on meetings to take notes about client-related financial matters.

# of Google Searches per Month: 150

Personal Finance Advisor

A Personal Finance Advisor is responsible for researching the needs of their clients and recommending financial plans or investments that could be profitable for them. A Personal Finance Advisor is tasked with helping clients plan their financial short-term and long-term goals. A Personal Finance Advisor invests money from individuals based on research and the clients’ decisions; they may also provide tax advice.

# of Google Searches per Month: 150

Financial Aid Advisor

A Financial Aid Advisor is also known as a financial aid counselor and assists parents and students in identifying financial resources available to them through the government or private resources. A Financial Aid Advisor is also responsible for outlining financial aid plans, assisting with form completion, and informing students about loan repayment procedures.

# of Google Searches per Month: 100

Some Funny Finance Job Titles

There are plenty of fun/creative job titles used in finance.

  1. Certified Party Antidote (CPA)
  2. Director of Beancounting(Accountant)
  3. Master of Coin(CFO) — Zack Kirkhorn holds this and the CFO title at Tesla
  4. Money Maestro(Accounting Manager)…Delivering Happiness uses this
  5. President of Revenue(CFO)…Adam Bain, Twitter CFO

If you like creative titles, check out 100+ Funny Job Titles.

A special thanks to the many experts on finance job titles whose research I cited for this article. They are:

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Why I wrote this?

My team at Ongig is on a mission to transform job descriptions. A key to any job description/job posting is the job title. If you’d like more data/input on job titles, check outJob Titles: The Definitive Guide:Best practices on job titles including lists of titles by hierarchy and departments.The logic/data about job titles is built intoOngig’s job description software.

by Rob Kelly in Job Titles


What is my job title if I do everything? ›

A job title for someone who does everything is a "Jack of all Trades". Other job titles for someone who does everything include: Generalist.

What are typical job titles for finance and accounting? ›

  • Comptroller.
  • Corporate controller.
  • Director of accounting.
  • Finance manager.
  • Treasurer.
  • Business controller.
  • Financial controller.

What are typical titles for a firm's top financial officers? ›

The leader of most finance teams is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and they report to the CEO. At smaller companies the top finance position might instead be the Vice President of Finance or Treasurer.

What is the top position in finance? ›

Chief Financial Officer

Job responsibilities: The Chief Financial Officer or CFO has the duties of managing a company's capital structure and cash flow and planning for its future growth. Therefore, the CFO must have in-depth knowledge of accounting and financial modeling, among other skill sets.

Do job titles really matter? ›

In a word: yes. Your job title will almost always impact how much money you make. However, as an indication of how important job titles are, many people would rather have a better title than a bigger salary. One study found that 70% of respondents would take a better job title over more money—up to $10,000 less!

What are financial positions? ›

What Is a Position? A position is the amount of a security, asset, or property that is owned (or sold short) by some individual or other entity. A trader or investor takes a position when they make a purchase through a buy order, signaling bullish intent; or if they sell short securities with bearish intent.

What is the title below CFO? ›

At the top if the CFO. Finance Director/ VP of Finance is essentially the same role, however if you have a VP of Fin, but need a strategic person at the same level (or a little higher) then you have the CFO. Below that is Controller (Chief Accounting Officer).

What is another title for CFO? ›

Similar professions and job titles to a Chief Financial Officer are Managing Director, Managing Partner, Head Of Finance, Accounting Manager, Chief Accounting Officer, Finance Specialist, Finance Manager and Chief Operating Financial Officer.

What is the hierarchy in finance department? ›

Chief financial officer, management accountant, financial accountant, internal auditor, credit controller and accounts payable accountant are some of the commonly used categories of heads of sub-departments in the financial hierarchy of a small business.

Which position is higher CFO or VP? ›

Which is higher: a VP or a CFO? Senior managers such as CFOs typically hold higher organizational positions than a vice president, or VP. However, in some cases the CFO may be known as a senior or executive VP.

Which finance field has highest salary? ›

List of the Best Highest-Paying Jobs in Finance Degree
  • Investment banker.
  • Financial Analyst.
  • Personal Finance Advisor.
  • Financial Manager.
  • Financial Risk Manager.
  • Economist.
  • Private Equity Associate.
  • Hedge Fund Manager.
24 Sept 2022

Why do finance jobs pay so well? ›

In this environment financial institutions have offered a number of highly priced services that companies and investors find worth the cost. This is a very competitive market and clients pay for what they perceive to be higher returns, less risk and reduced capital costs.

What is the highest paying entry level finance job? ›

Here are eight of the highest-paying entry-level finance jobs.
  1. Financial Manager. Average Salary: $134,180. ...
  2. Personal Finance Advisor. Average Salary: $89,330. ...
  3. Management Analyst. Average Salary: $87,660. ...
  4. Financial Analyst. Average Salary: $83,660. ...
  5. Financial Examiner. Average Salary: $81,430. ...
  6. Budget Analyst. ...
  7. Accountant. ...
  8. Loan Officer.
1 Dec 2021

What is a better title than office manager? ›

Popular alternatives include community manager, office administrator, and executive assistant. Each of these titles highlights different aspects of the office manager role, which can help them draw focus on the aspects of the job that they most value.

How do I pick a good job title? ›

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Job Title
  1. Pick a Job Title That Is Industry-Relevant. ...
  2. Appeal to The Right Candidates. ...
  3. Match the Job Title to Salary Expectations. ...
  4. Take Care to Minimize Gender Bias. ...
  5. Remember That Even at a Startup, Some Conventions Still Apply.
29 Jun 2021

How do I make my job title sound better? ›

How to craft the best job titles
  1. Keep it simple, but precise. To write better job titles, apply the KISS principle — Keep It Simple, Stupid. ...
  2. Make it searchable. ...
  3. Speak to the outsider, not the insider. ...
  4. Write for the job seeker. ...
  5. Save your prose for the job description. ...
  6. Start attracting the best candidates today.

Should I take a job offer with a lower title? ›

Taking a lesser position—downshifting, as it's sometimes known—can help move your career forward if the job fits into a larger long-term plan. Find out when a lower position might make sense, and how you can make such a transition successfully.

How many job titles should a company have? ›

Companies should expect to introduce more job titles as they become larger and their employees' roles become more specialized. About 44% of companies have between 1 and 10 job titles, including 31% with between 1 and 5.

Why do people care about titles? ›

Job titles are important because they allow members of your organization to know the type of work you do and the level of experience you have. They also allow people from other organizations to better understand what your role involves, whether you're talking to a recruiter, a hiring manager, or someone else.

What are the 4 Career Pathways in finance? ›

The four career pathways in the finance cluster are banking and related services, business financial management, financial and investment planning, and insurance services.

What are corporate finance roles? ›

Such capabilities represent the senior-level managers who are at the top of the hierarchy in corporate finance; the positions include the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Treasurer, Controller, Special Project, and Business Development Managers.

What are the four important roles of a finance manager? ›

Financial managers generally oversee the financial health of an organization and help ensure its continued viability. They supervise important functions, such as monitoring cash flow, determining profitability, managing expenses and producing accurate financial information.

Is VP of finance higher than controller? ›

The vice president of finance outranks the controller. A controller reports to the CFO, while the CFO reports directly to the company's chief executive officer. The CFO has to observe every financial aspect of the company and know how they affect and relate to the accounting systems.

What level is head of finance? ›

The role of CFO

Hierarchically speaking, they rank third, behind the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) - again, in a typical hierarchy. In smaller companies, these roles are sometimes combined into a CFOO - Chief Finance and Operations Officer.

Is director of finance higher than CFO? ›

The CFO is responsible for the strategic direction of the finance function and sits on the company's senior management team. The FD occupies the rank below senior management and is the company's chief accountant.

What is the highest accountant title? ›

Accounting Job Titles Hierarchy

The leader of most accounting teams is the Chief Financial Officer or Chief Accounting Officer (CAO).

What's Higher controller or director of finance? ›

The directors of finance are higher-ranking officials who also earn more than the controllers of finance.

Is controller higher than manager? ›

Yes, a controller is higher than a manager in a company.

The financial controller oversees the accounting manager, auditor, planning, and operation managers. The controller is considered a senior-level executive that works with the CEO to maintain a company's financial health.

What are the 7 finance function? ›

The seven popular functions are decisions and control, financial planning, resource allocation, cash flow management, surplus disposal, acquisitions, mergers, and capital budgeting.

Which are the 10 major functions of financial management? ›

Let us now discuss the functions of financial management in this section.
  • Financial Planning and Forecasting. ...
  • Cash Management. ...
  • Estimating Capital Expenses. ...
  • Determining Capital Structure. ...
  • Procurement of Funds. ...
  • Investment of Funds. ...
  • Surplus Disposal.
26 Sept 2022

What are the 3 basic functions of a finance manager? ›

The three major functions of a finance manager are; investment, financial, and dividend decisions.

Who makes up a finance team? ›

Your financial team might consist of 4 or more staff: a full-time Controller, and AR AP, and Payroll departments with one or more people each. Your company may also contract with a CPA and work with a part-time CFO for oversight, reviews, and strategic planning purposes.

What positions report to the CFO? ›

The CFO relies on the reporting generated by accounting and the financial controller to advise the CEO and board on the company's strategic financial direction. The controller and other functional specialists report to the CFO.

What are finance teams? ›

A finance department is the unit of a business responsible for obtaining and handling any monies on behalf of the organization. The department controls the income and expenditure in addition to ensuring effective business running with minimum disruptions.

Who has more power COO or CFO? ›

Yes, a COO is higher than a CFO.

The CFO is responsible for analyzing and reviewing financial data, reporting financial performance, preparing budgets, and monitoring expenditures and costs. The COO, on the other hand, is responsible for the daily corporation's operations.

Is head of finance Same as VP? ›

In owner-managed companies, the person responsible for overseeing the finance function is invariably the CFO. However, they don't necessarily carry the title of VP Finance. In fact, in most owner-managed companies, the top financial person is not a VP Finance.

Is SVP higher than CFO? ›

The senior vice president of finance may report to an executive vice president who reports to the CFO. In companies that are less complicated, there may be no CFO and the senior vice president of finance reports directly to the CEO or the business owner.

Is finance a BA or BS? ›

Is finance a BA or BS? A finance degree is a BS or a bachelor's of science degree.

Is finance still a good career? ›

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that business and finance employment will grow by 8% from 2020 to 2030, matching the average projected growth for all U.S. occupations. Certain roles within finance, like financial examiner, are projected to grow by more than double the national average.

Is a masters in finance worth it? ›

Yes, a Masters degree in Finance is worth it for many students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting 5% job growth in business and financial occupations over the next 10 years.

Does finance pay more than tech? ›

Comparing Wages Between Finance and Technology

Starting wages between the two fields are largely comparable. Tech may actually edge out starting position wages on Wall Street considering that tech firms often offer stock-based compensation bonuses.

What jobs pay millions a year? ›

Jobs that better your chances of becoming a millionaire
  • Professional athlete.
  • Investment banker.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Lawyer.
  • Certified public accountant.
  • Insurance agent.
  • Engineer.
  • Real estate agent.

Who makes 1million a year? ›

Companies such as BlackRock, Fidelity, Wellington, T. Rowe. Price, Capital, PIMCO, Prudential, Nuveen, Invesco, Janus, AXA, Legg Mason, TIAA-CREF and many more all have portfolio managers and some analysts who earn over $1 million a year.

What is the lowest position in finance? ›

There are several entry-level jobs you can get with a finance degree, depending on your area of study, type of degree, and experience. Junior tax accountant, stockbroker, personal finance advisor, banking assistant, and financial analyst are a few entry-level choices.

What is the easiest finance job? ›

Entry Level Finance Jobs for New Grads
  • Accountant. Many finance jobs build on accounting skills and knowledge, but that doesn't mean that there's no need for general accountants. ...
  • Tax Associate. ...
  • Financial Analyst. ...
  • Credit Analyst. ...
  • Data Analyst. ...
  • Budget Analyst. ...
  • Economist. ...
  • Insurance Claims Adjuster.

What is best job in finance? ›

High-paying financial positions include portfolio manager, corporate finance manager, investment banker, trader, economic analyst, and financial analyst. Financial careers can be lucrative, especially if bonuses are involved, but they also can be demanding and stressful.

What is your job title level or responsibility? ›

It denotes the types of tasks you perform in your company. It also indicates your level of seniority within the organisation. For example, if your job title is assistant social media manager, it indicates that you perform the tasks related to social media management and that you assist the social media manager.

What is my job role called? ›

A job title is the name of the position you hold at your company. It is usually linked to a specific set of roles and responsibilities within a specific department. Your job title can also denote your level of seniority within an organisation.

How do you describe a jack of all trades on a resume? ›

Dependable [Job Title] bringing management experience and a willingness to take on added responsibility to meet tight deadlines. Enthusiastic team player with a strong work ethic and advanced complex problem solving skills.

What do I put for job title with no experience? ›

Jobs that require little to no experience often use words like “assistant” or “junior” in the title.
These additional qualifications might include:
  1. Education or coursework.
  2. Internships.
  3. Volunteering.
  4. Belonging to an organization.

What are the 4 job levels? ›

The different job experience levels
  • Entry-level.
  • Intermediate.
  • Mid-level.
  • Senior or executive-level.

What is preferred job title? ›

The desired job title section of your resume identifies the specific position you are seeking, while the job titles listed in your experience section show how your prior experience is relevant to the position for which you are applying.

What is job title example? ›

A job title can describe the responsibilities of the position, the level of the job, or both. For example, job titles that include the terms “executive,” “manager,” “director,” “chief,” “supervisor,” etc.

Can you have two job titles? ›

This scenario isn't uncommon in the corporate world. Having both an external, public title along with an internal one is common.

What is the best title for a resume? ›

A good resume title often includes your target job title, your key skills, your qualifications, and/or your years of experience. You can also include your awards, industry, or specializations.

How many job titles should a company have? ›

Companies should expect to introduce more job titles as they become larger and their employees' roles become more specialized. About 44% of companies have between 1 and 10 job titles, including 31% with between 1 and 5.

What do you call a female jack of all trades? ›

jill of all trades (plural jills of all trades) (idiomatic) A woman competent in many endeavors, especially one who excels in none of them.

What is a professional title for a jack of all trades? ›

Generalist ('Jack of All Trades, Master of None') Industry or Capability Specialist.

Is Jack of all trades a skill? ›

"Jack of all trades, master of none" is a figure of speech used in reference to a person who has dabbled in many skills, rather than gaining expertise by focusing on only one.

How do you say you have no experience but willing to learn? ›

Using your own words, try something along the lines of: "I am interested in an entry-level position. I know I have much to learn, and I'm looking for an opportunity that will let me build a solid professional foundation.

How can I get 6 figures without a college degree? ›

Here are some ideas for jobs that make six figures without college.
  1. Real estate agent. Real estate can be a lucrative line of work for the right person. ...
  2. Construction management. ...
  3. Elevator/escalator installer. ...
  4. Commercial pilot. ...
  5. Web developer. ...
  6. Honorable mentions.
3 Jan 2022

What is the easiest job to get hired? ›

The top easiest jobs to get are waiting tables, a customer service specialist, and a retail clerk. Most of these jobs listed require great customer service skills and strong communication skills. It's important to remember that your idea of an easy job may differ from another person, so find a job that fits your needs.


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